Our Funding


“God’s work done God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” 

- Hudson Taylor

The call to Aimee's Hope was given to me in 2008 and I sensed God saying, “Do what George Muller did, in Northern Ireland”. Obviously times have changed, so replicating exactly what George Muller did would not be possible now. Over the years God has clarified and strengthened the conviction of this call. I feel this involves following George Muller’s three chief reasons for establishing an Orphan-House which were:

1. "That God may be glorified, should He be pleased to furnish me with the means, in its being seen that it is not a vain thing to trust in Him; and that thus the faith of His children may be strengthened."

2. The spiritual welfare of fatherless and motherless children.

3. Their temporal welfare.

The fundraising principles are as follows:

1. No funds should ever be solicited. No facts or figures concerning needs are to be revealed by the workers in the ministry to anyone, except to God in prayer.

2. No debt should ever be incurred.

3. Money contributed for a specific purpose should never be used for any other purpose.

4. All accounts should be audited annually by professional auditors.

5. No ego-pandering by publication of donors’ names with the amount of their gifts; each donor should be thanked privately.

6. No names of prominent or titled persons should be sought for the board or to advertise the institution.

7. The success of the institution should be measured not by the numbers served or by the amounts of money taken in, but by God’s blessing on the work, which is expected to be in proportion to the time spent in prayer.

8. The actions of the organisation should always be motivated by God through prayer and not by resources provided. (This is an extra one I have added based on how George Muller worked)

As someone who was given the vision and has wrestled nearly 8 years with this way of doing things, I have seen God show me, in so many ways, that this is His way for this ministry. I am not saying it is wrong to fundraise in other ways but feel, as quoted earlier, that this is the way God wants to run this particular ministry and His blessing will follow if we follow His ways. This requires faith which only God can bring, but as people join us in this endeavour, in this way of doing things, we will be stretched and tested but the result will be that we will see Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.

I ask that all involved in Aimee's Hope will know these principles so that funding is not obtained in ways which go against any of these principles.

If you are not aware of George Muller and his story please consult for further reading about George Muller see:

Quotes from George Muller are used with permission from the above website.