Partner Testimonials

Why I chose to support Aimee's hope with my book:

There is lots of great work out there. Several organisations try to serve the community and reach out to its people as much as possible. When I observe in the records of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, I notice that Jesus' service came at a high cost. He spent 24/7 with the people who he discipled, lived with them and showed them who God is. It went far beyond deep conversations with inspiring talks or awkward questions. It was more powerful than sending them out once or twice a week to do something risky. He did it WITH them. This kind of discipleship comes at a high cost - a cost of time, effort, energy and patience. 

It is the same kind of sacrifice that Sharon has put upon her shoulders in order to reach out to the abandoned outcasts of our modern society. She is passionate to live out the same way of discipleship as Jesus did. The reason why I want to support this work with my book is the rare and almost forgotten way of discipleship that is taking place within the work of Aimee's Hope.

I have much hope and confidence that it will bear fruit.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

As a Church family we have felt impassioned and convinced that the work of Aimee’s Hope is a vital outworking in practical terms of the love that Jesus calls us to, in response to His love for us. Whilst many of us do not have the skill set or specific calling that Sharon has, we can all play a part in supporting and encouraging, thus ensuring the Kingdom is being lived out and the young adults that Aimee’s Hope engages with feel something of the love of God in their lives. It has been a privilege to be able to support Sharon and all involved with Aimee’s Hope through prayer, giving and one or two practical ways in respect of use of premises etc. for specific events.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd